SOFT eBook - 24 recipes to lift your mood when you can't chew

Whether you just had wisdom-tooth surgery or you simply love soups and smoothies these are 24 recipes that you cannot go without!

The ultimate no-chew eBook.

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Who is this for?

You need this eBook if:

  • If you are about to have dental surgery or can’t chew for other reason
  • If you or someone in your family has food texture aversion and struggles with crunchy textures
  • If you like fast and simple recipes
  • If you think soups and smoothies are underrated
  • If you are a partner, parent, or caregiver for anyone who fits one of the above criteria
  • If you just bought a new blender and want to put it to the test
This eBook is probably not for you if you fit none of the above and aren’t interested in resolving that by simply adding other textural elements or garnishes to the recipes shared here.
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Why write a book featuring only soft recipes?

The story behind SOFT is very simple:

In 2020 my dentist told me I needed to have my wisdom teeth extracted. I wasn’t pleased to hear that I would not be able to chew for at least a week after my surgery.

The thing is, 2020 was not the time to take away one of my greatest sources of joy! I couldn’t imagine a week of eating the same boring soft foods. I need variety! I need flavour! Saltiness, Acidity, Umami, Fattiness, Sweetness, Bitterness, Spice… I wasn’t about to give up on my best friends in the kitchen just because I had a couple of holes in my face where my teeth used to be. No way!

I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and invest in the Vitamix I had been eyeing. I quickly started brainstorming how I could still bring variety and fun into my week without turning to any of my regular recipes.

What this led to was a crazy week of cooking, blending, testing, photographing, and writing . Meanwhile my husband kept insisting that I go back to sleep and focus on my recovery… What does he know?

The result is a book focused on simple, varied, nutritious and (of course!) irresistibly delicious recipes that are exclusively soft and smooth to make your life simpler when you can’t chew.

Not being able to chew can really suck

You’re tired, you’re grumpy, your face hurts.

All you can think of to eat is ice-cream but in the back of your mind you know that it’s probably a good idea to have a vegetable or two at some stage in the next two weeks #balance.

On top of all of that, spending time in the kitchen while recovering is exhausting and is getting in the way of your busy Netflix schedule.

I wrote the book that I wish I'd been able to buy back then

Millions of people get their wisdom teeth removed each year and yet I was unable to find a clear and simple guide of recipes that could keep me smiling during my recovery. 

I knew that if I didn’t do anything about it then I was going to be at severe risk of developing hangriness – and in case you’ve completely missed the point of this website so far – that is never a risk that I am willing to take!

Having been developing recipes and blogging now for 5-years as well as having worked in professional kitchens, I figured I was in a good place to create something that could at the very least fill the spot until more qualified people start sharing their ‘no-chew’ recipes and guides.

Most importantly, I care about nourishing myself and others with flavourful food. Food brings comfort as well as nutrition and that comfort is even more important when you can’t chew!

What's included in the eBook?

Equipment and limitations

You're now faced with two possible paths:

Smart future-you:

Three days from now you find yourself lying in bed with a swollen face feeling miserable.

You’re hungry but have no desire to cook or prepare anything.

Suddenly you remember there is mashed potato and gravy in your fridge.

Not just any mashed potato and gravy, but the kind of life-changing mashed potato and gravy where you wonder why you ever bothered eating anything else.

This will make the perfect compliment to your 14th viewing of Notting Hill.

A smile creeps across your puffy face.

Crisis averted. Not a bad day at all!

You remain well fed.

You sleep well.

You recover quickly.

You get that promotion you always wanted.

Hugh Jackman reaches out to you on your favourite social-media platform and wants to be friends.

You live happily ever after.

Silly future-you:

You’ve just eaten your sixth tub of ice-cream in only a few days.

You are beginning to wonder why people even bother with ice-cream and you can’t imagine eating it again once you’re finally able to chew.

You venture over to the kitchen and stare into the pantry. You give up and return to bed.

It’s not long before the hangriness begins to set in. You start snapping at people for no reason. You lose all sense of perspective and forget how lucky you really are.

In desperation you head over to the fridge – only to be faced by condiments and a whole pile of foods that you can’t eat in your current state.

You return to watching season 2 of the US version of The Office and can’t even find joy in Dwight and Jim’s charming back-and-forth.

Filled with regret, you go looking online for the ‘Soft’ eBook you remember seeing a few days ago but unfortunately you were being so silly that you didn’t even bookmark the page!

Suddenly, a wild brown bear breaks through your front door, chases you across the kitchen then eats you. 


The choice is yours:

$12.00 incl. GST

That’s $0.50 per recipe. Instant download. Deliciousness awaits! 


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