SOFT: 24 Comforting Recipes for When You Can’t Chew

Whether you’ve just had wisdom tooth surgery, struggle with food texture aversions, or simply love soups and smoothies, these 24 delicious and nutritious recipes are perfect for you!

The Ultimate No-Chew Recipe eBook

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Who is this for?

You need this eBook if:

  • You’re about to have dental surgery or can’t chew for any other reason
  • You or someone in your family has food texture aversion and struggles with crunchy textures
  • You like fast and simple recipes
  • You think soups and smoothies are underrated
  • You just bought a new blender and want to put it to the test

This eBook might not be for you if you don’t fit any of the above criteria. Or buy it anyway and add your own textural elements or garnishes to the recipes shared here.

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Why I Created SOFT

In 2020, my dentist told me I needed to have my wisdom teeth extracted, which meant I wouldn’t be able to chew for at least a week. As a passionate food lover, I couldn’t imagine a week of eating the same boring soft foods. I needed variety, flavor, and all the best elements that make food worth celebrating!

So, I decided to create a collection of easy-to-make, varied, and nutritious recipes that are exclusively soft and smooth, perfect for those times when you can’t chew. And that’s how SOFT was born.

Celebrate Great Food, Even When You Can't Chew

At Not Hangry Anymore, we believe in celebrating great food and creating memorable experiences through cooking, eating, and sharing. We’re committed to helping you discover new flavours, appreciate ingredients, and transform everyday meals into moments worth celebrating.

That’s why this eBook features:

Equipment and Limitations

Get Your Copy of SOFT Today!

$4.00 incl. GST

Don’t let dental surgery or difficulty chewing hold you back from enjoying delicious, nutritious meals. Get your copy of SOFT today and start your tasty recovery journey!


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