Hi there!

I’m Annick and this is my blog. Although, if you see the occasional post about bread, then that’s probably Jeremy.

We’re a couple living here in beautiful Melbourne but are actually from completely different places. I grew up in Zurich whereas Jeremy grew up just around the corner in Auckland. We met in Auckland in 2014 and for 98% of the time since then we haven’t been able to get enough of each other 🙂

Anyway, in January 2016 we moved to Australia. Initially this was because of a job offer that Jeremy got – the company turned out to be very poorly run so he left after a few months. However by that time it was too late, we had fallen in love with the food culture in Melbourne and now we’re hooked!

We enjoy cooking together and, since we moved here, we have been spending more and more time in our kitchen together learning about the food we like – and how to make it!

Since we moved to Melbourne we also got more and more interested in a vegan diet and since the start of 2017 we are fully following a vegan diet which we are loving so far. Not only does being vegan make us fell better, but we are also a lot more creative in the kitchen.

Our blog is called Not Hangry Anymore because we both get a little grumpy when we’re hungry (hence: hangry)

We hope you enjoy this blog and find a lot of inspiration here.

Love, Annick & Jeremy