What is NHA?

Not Hangry Anymore is all about delicious and flavourful food. We share vegan recipes and cooking tips that are not only for vegans but anyone who has an interest in eating more plant based foods, or perhaps wants to cook for their vegan friend. 

There are no lengthy blog post introductions and an endless amount of scrolling required to get to the recipe. I get that you’re here for the recipes, not to hear pages full of self-indulgent stories about how I was inspired to cook a certain dish.

The name “not hangry anymore” came up because I am certainly a person who gets hangry when I’m feeling hungry. That is, I get a little unpleasant or annoying when I’m hungry. It’s definitely not my best characteristic but I know there’s lots of other people out there who share this quality with me.


bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger

Who is NHA?

My name is Annick. I grew up in Zurich, Switzerland where I was lucky enough to be surrounded by delicious, homemade food. My mum and grandma always cooked a lot of things from scratch and would grow their own vegetables. Actually, they still do all those things.

Unfortunately I currently don’t grow my own vegetables, mainly because I live in a small 1-bedroom apartment in Melbourne, Australia… Growing vegetables inside turned out to be a disaster! However, I love making things from scratch as I find it incredibly rewarding and fun.

I started not hangry anymore in 2016, when I moved to Australia and didn’t have work rights for the first nine months. To keep myself entertained, I decided teach myself how to cook.

Now, I work in a fine dining restaurant and am also studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. Of course, I am also creating content and recipes for you lovely people!

If you have any questions about not hangry anymore or myself, then please feel free to comment or message me on the contact page or on social media.

I hope you enjoy my recipes! Happy Cooking!

Annick x